Craigville Theological Colloquy

Prior Colloquy – July 9-13, 2018

Building Bridges:
Immigrants, Refugees, and the Church

Upcoming Colloquy – held July July 8-12, 2019

Faith & Science: The Choices We Make

You may browse the other pages on our web site.  You can read about our past gatherings (updates ever in progress), discover where the Craigville Retreat Center is located (outer Cape Cod in Centerville), and enjoy pictures of the area and past gatherings.

The 2019 colloquy will be the 36th gathering. As ever, attendees will meet those from various faiths and faith journeys, all gathered for a time of discussion, reflection, challenge, worship, and prayer.  We hope you find the topic and description interesting and will consider joining us. The roots of the Colloquy grew from efforts of leaders and thinkers within the United Church of Christ in the early 1980’s. Today the leadership, attendees, and speakers are broadly representative of Christ’s Church.

In 2019, the intersection and interaction between science and faith remain ones that engage, challenge and respond to insightful, respective reflection. Please consider joining us in 2019. If you cannot come, please let others know of our endeavors.

Possible questions to consider:

  • How ought the people of faith in the 21st century speak to or engage with the broad topic of science?
  • What ways to science or scientists engage with faith?

These and many more questions will arise. Join us!!


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