What is Craigville Colloquy?

To learn more about the Craigville experience, watch this ten-minute documentary from our 2010 Colloquy: “Surprised by Grace in Modern Film: Training the Eyes of Faith.”

Every summer on Cape Cod, the Craigville Theological Colloquy draws pastors, teachers, seminarians and lay leaders for a week of theological conversation and Bible reflection on a subject of importance. Broadly ecumenical, Craigville is a rare opportunity for rest, renewal and inspiration. Located in a secluded 19th-century village overlooking Nantucket Sound, the Colloquy continues a tradition that began in 1872 when Christian churches in New England founded Craigville as a summer revival camp.

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The Colloquy is part conference, part retreat, and part vacation. The event begins and concludes with an ecumenical celebration of the Eucharist, and each day is framed with meditative services of morning and night prayer. Taizé Vespers Wednesday night is an opportunity for song and silence. Vigorous hymn-singing supported by professional musicians is part of our tradition. Afternoons are free to explore Cape Cod or enjoy the famous Craigville Beach.

Craigville is child-friendly, and families often include Craigville in their summer vacation plans. Supervised children activities are provided Tuesday through Thursday morning. The Craigville Retreat Center is an Open and Affirming* ministry that welcomes all.

A Certificate of Continuing Education (CEU) is available for participants.

* “Open and Affirming” is a designation in the United Church of Christ for ministries that are LGBTQ-affirming.


The first colloquy in 1984 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1934 Barmen Theological Declaration, an act of resistance by Protestant pastors in Germany to the Nazi government’s attempts to subvert and control the church. The colloquy explored how the Declaration is relevant to the contemporary church.

The Colloquy is led by a grassroots planning team of clergy and laypeople representing several Christian traditions. Presenters have included Catherine LaCugna (Roman Catholic), David Bentley Hart (Eastern Orthodox), Bishop Dwayne Royster (UCC), Ellen Charry (Episcopal), Mark Swanson (ELCA), Ron Cole-Turner (UCC), Marva Dawn (ELCA), Martin Copenhaver (UCC), Linda Hartke (ELCA), Gabriel Fackre (UCC) and Lee Barrett (UCC).

Topic for 2020

Spirituality in a Time of Crisis

Topics 1984-2019
2019Faith and Science: The Choices We Make
2018Building Bridges: Immigrants, Refugees, and the Church
2017The Reformation at 500: Is Grace Still the Answer?
2016The Bible, Faith, and Economic Justice
2015Christianity and Judaism: New Texts, New Contexts, and New Perspectives
2014Creation as Theology and Ecology
2013Christ’s Mission in the 21st Century: Sent Forth to Be God’s Blessing
2012Breaking News in a Broken World: The Gospel Unbound in the Mainline Churches
2011God of Grace and God of Story: When Life and Theology Intertwine
2010Surprised by Grace in Modern Film: Training the Eyes of Faith
2009Spirituality and the Holy Spirit: A New Awakening for the Church?
2008God’s Shalom: Confronting the Many Faces of Violence
2007In a World of Violence and Suffering, How Can We Believe in an Almighty and All-loving God?
2006Christians and Muslims: Commonalities and Particularities
2005Christ Will Come Again: Reclaiming Eschatology
2004Sound Teaching: Responding to God’s Mighty Claim on Our Whole Life
2003Christian Solidarity in a Fragmented World: How Can We All Come To the Table?
2002Christian Worship and Witness in Our Times
2001Christian Faith and Genetics Ethics
2000How is Christ Formed in Us Today? Christian Formation in a Post-Christian Culture
1999How Shall we Understand Jesus as Savior Now?
1998Faithful and Powerful Language in Preaching, Prayer and Liturgy
1997Resurrection and Christian Burial
1996How Can We be Both Prophetic and Catholic?
1995The Baptismal Formula: Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
1994The Essentials of the Church Confident
1993Theological Standards for Ministry in the United Church of Christ
1992Who Do You Say I Am? Who is Jesus Christ for Us Today?
1991The Holy Spirit in Creation, Truth and Power
1990Justification and Justice: Good News and Good Works
1989Human Beginnings: Deciding About Life in the Presence of God
1988Baptism in the United Church of Christ
1987Eucharist/Communion in the United Church of Christ
1986The Ministry of the Whole People of God
1985Scripture/Word in the United Church of Christ
1984The United Church of Christ as a Confessing Church Today