Gabe & Dot Fackre Scholarship

We are saddened at the recent death of colloquy founder, leader, mentor, and friend – the Rev. Dr. Gabe Fackre. He and his beloved, late wife Dot (October 2017), left Craigville late last summer, moving to Oregon to live with family.

Gabe, as you can see in the obit below, left his imprint as a humble child of God in the lives of many people.

Gabriel Fackre obituary

Gabe & Dot Scholarship

The Colloquy has formed a scholarship fund to honor the love and ministry that Gabe and Dot humbly lived. The fund was established in 2017, and with the support of the family, the Colloquy will accept donations to the fund in memory of Gabe and Dot. These donations will assist the Colloquy Planning Team in offering scholarships to attendees at Colloquy.

You may send a donation to — Christian Camp Meeting Association
Note in the memo — Craigville Colloquy Fackre Scholarship

Mail to — CCMA, 39 Prospect Avenue, Centerville, MA  02632