Lodging and Dining

Craigville Retreat Center sits atop a bluff overlooking the salt marsh of Nantucket Sound and the serenity of Red Lily Pond. The center can accommodate nearly 160 guests in a variety of lodging options, and is located in the small village of Craigville. When you fill out your registration form, you can indicate a preference for any of these options on a first-come, first-served basis.

Overlooking Nantucket Sound

Sunset Lodge (40 guests)
Craigville Manor (20 guests)

In the heart of Craigville Village

Craigville Inn (50 guests)
Cottages (8-15 guests each)*

Please note: cottages may not be available in 2020.

Each building has its own meeting area. Bedrooms vary from single or double to multiple occupancy. Some rooms have private baths.

Most rooms and common areas Craigville Inn are air-conditioned. The Manor and Lodge overlook Nantucket Sound, so can take advantage of sea breezes.

Craigville Inn is located across the Village Green from Craigville Tabernacle, where Colloquy participants will meet for worship and most plenary sessions.

For more details about lodging options with photos of rooms and common areas, see the Craigville Retreat Center website at www.uccr.org/craigville. Please note that you will not reserve rooms through the Retreat Center office, but by indicating a preference on your registration form.

Most buildings include a kitchen with utensils, refrigerator, range and coffee-maker. There is a small kitchen in Craigville Inn with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee-maker.


During the Colloquy, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in Craigville Inn’s dining room. On most days, breakfast is served from 8 to 8:30 am, so please arrive on time. Meals are buffet style. We will accommodate dietary needs you specify in your registration form, including vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options.